Losing weight is simple

Introduction: Summer is here, another year to lose weight. Many friends have said that according to the basic method of weight loss, weight loss is always unsuccessful? With the same weight loss program, some people can lose weight quickly, but some people are difficult? Why is it still so difficult? I also dieted and exercised as planned, and almost hunger strike! Still not thin.

In order to write this article, I found a friend, Guochao. Guochao lost 210 pounds last year, and now loses weight for about a year or so, to 140 pounds. He said that he has 4 weight loss methods, as long as the correct adherence to 3 months, to ensure that you lose weight.

Guochao said that his method is very simple, as long as he can persevere, there must be results.

  1. Refuse fried, high-sugar food

Many people who lose weight also like to eat fried, high-sugar foods. I have been dieting for a day, and I eat a little fried or high-sugar food at night. It’s this little luck that can ruin your day’s results.

For example, a bag of 100 grams of potato chips is equivalent to 800 calories, but you need to know that a meal eats about 300 grams of rice, and his calories are only 350 grams. Everyone knows here, not because you eat less Thin, many small things have higher calories, such as chocolate cake. The person in the National Super League is more persevering. He quit these fried, high-sugar foods, insist on a light diet, and eat more vegetables and fruits. Persist for about two months, and lose 20 pounds, because fat people have more fat in the early stage, and it is easy to lose fat.

So as long as you don’t eat fried, drinks, cakes and coffee, you can easily lose weight. Do you dare to quit these ordinary foods? As long as you dare, you can be thin!

  1. Eat healthy

A friend said that you have to teach when you eat, who wouldn’t eat? But will you eat healthy meals correctly and healthy?

Guochao said that before drinking a glass of water to enhance our satiety. This way we have something in our stomach, so that we don’t eat very fast. At the end of the meal, you must eat slowly. You see those female stars, have a bite, I watched them chew more than 80 times before swallowing, so that there is fullness when chewing, and when we eat Choose to eat slowly, eat more food and less meat, and don’t eat braces. The most important point is, don’t drink soup after eating! For those who drink soup after a meal, the food mixes and swells, making you more and more fat.

  1. Exercise correctly

The National Super League said that exercise is not enough for one hour. You need to exercise aerobics correctly for about an hour. You also need to have proper strength training. In this way, you can evaporate the calories you consume every day, and the calories consumed by exercise every day should be the calories consumed by big fish. The best exercise here is to run in the morning and trot. Because the morning run, the morning air is fresh, comfortable with oxygen, comfortable mood, exercise will do more with less.

  1. How to rest properly

When Guochao said that the rest, the editor is ignorant, rest still have to learn? The editor is particularly good at Ge You lying down, but the Guochao told me to rest properly, and I feel alive.

Experts show that sleeping can also lose weight. In many cases, rest is more important than exercise. It’s not that you exercise a lot every day, and staying up late can lose weight, which usually damages our metabolism. On the contrary, staying up all night will make you increase your meal and increase your calories. Experts have shown that sleeping can lose weight, and long-term sleep will increase the body’s metabolic consumption function to achieve fitness effects. Han Xing Song Zhixiao loses weight through sleep.

Conclusion: There are thousands of ways to lose weight. How to find a healthy, safe and effective method is especially important. Here I hope that all friends can learn some weight-loss methods from this article and lose weight successfully. Losing weight is worth persevering, as long as you persevere, I believe that the thin person is you next.

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