Novel Coronavirus theme Dunk SB! These shoes are so monumental

Although more than half of 2020 has passed, the new crown epidemic still seriously affects people’s daily lives. Recently, a sneaker custom player on Instagram, Drü Barrios, brought a pair of custom sneakers with the theme of the new crown virus.

The design uses Nike Dunk SB as the prototype of this year’s hot shoes. The overall tone is black and green, which can instantly show the feeling of virus. The upper is made of ostrich leather and suede, and the outer side of the heel is embroidered with a coronavirus cartoon. The pattern echoes the theme.

The heel embroidery of the left and right feet has the word “STAY HOME”, while the Swoosh, outsole and heel all have a luminous effect, once again highlighting the details.

Not only the details on the upper are extremely rich, but the mystery is also hidden inside the shoe. The biggest surprise is on the insole. The photos PS of various epidemic periods are stitched and printed on the insole to express “Helpers vs Haters”. Moral, in which the photograph of President Trump can also be seen on the right foot of “Haters”.

It is a pity that these shoes will not be released to the public. According to Drü Barrios himself, these shoes may be used to help charitable causes, giving these shoes more meaning and value.

In fact, Drü Barrios has also had a lot of creative customized works before. Although the works are not many, each pair is considered a boutique. Today I will take you to appreciate it~

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